“After sitting for long periods of time at my computer during a busy project at work, my shoulders and middle back were very painful and tense. I visited Emma for a massage, and felt a huge improvement after just the first visit. My back and shoulders felt more relaxed and loose than they had in years. Emma provided an extremely professional and competent service, and was able to pinpoint the problem quickly and accurately. I now visit her regularly and always come out feeling relaxed and soothed.”Melissa

“I live a busy and active lifestyle where I am constantly moving and on my feet, so every two weeks i look forward to a massage with Emma. I have been getting massages with Emma for the last two years and after every visit I always feel relaxed and replenished. I would happily recommend a massage with Emma to anyone, she works wonders.” Angela

“Having gone to Emma for massage, I was persuaded by a friend to try Reiki. It’s been an excellent experience, quite unlike any healing I have ever had before. Emma is excellent at explaining what’s involved and I always come away feeling invigorated and relaxed. I’ve recommended Emma to others and will continue to do so.” Nick

“Emma is lovely. I met Emma on a course, and at the time I as looking for a
new masseuse. That was over 2 years ago, and I’ve been seeing her for regular massages ever since. Emma is sensitive to my needs, and provides a safe and comfortable environment. I have just completed a Reiki Level One Workshop run by Emma. It was relaxed, fun and informative, and left me wanting to know more. I would recommend a massage from Emma to anyone.” Bronwyn

“After suffering with severe endometriosis and glandular fever I had a naturopathic consultation with Emma, and completed a 6 week wellness plan. Not only did I learn a lot more about how I could really take charge of what was going on for me, I also realized that health and wellness does not need to be hard, and armed with the right knowledge, and with the right support I’m now living a fairly normal lifestyle, symptom free and feeling back in control. Well worthwhile doing and I thoroughly recommend the personalized consultation. It worked wonders for me” Kim

“I’ve been getting fabulous therapeutic massages from Emma. I always leave feeling invigorated and my stress points relieved. I would recommend a relaxation or therapeutic massage from Emma to anyone.” Hamish

“I found Emma to have completed a very thorough assessment and provided a lot of nutritional and exercise advice. Emma completed good follow up sessions with me and was always happy to answer my questions. Emma treated me as an individual and took into account my cultural background and my social situation. Emma provided a professional, thorough and efficient service.” Ritu

Location: 22 Meihana Street, Takaka and 2321 Takaka-Collingwood Highway, Collingwood, Golden Bay .

Phone: 0274872639